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It’s our job as artists to keep art alive by being accessible, by educating, by interacting with our community and sharing information. Studio M is about meeting the artists, seeing them in action, wandering around their studios, and experiencing that world apart where the artist pauses to envision and create. It’s a richer and more personal experience than your typical gallery visit.Come see us, we would love to share our work, get your feedback, create something for or with you.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

We are so excited to have 16 guest artists for the "Small Works of Grand Art" show in November.
They are:
Kathleen Taylor
Kay Hibbard
Patrick Taylor
Diane Hooker
Julie Mann
Nancy Dusenbury
Phil Thomas
Susan Westmoreland
John Guernsy
Shirley Seguin
Marta Suarez
Gail Koornick
Sandra Wright
Kim Chesney
Wanda Ruzicka
Diane Harrison
Becky Fried
Carol Christie
Jan Eubanks
Lisa Moore

I will be posting works from each artist as we move closer to the show opening!!

I will be posting exa

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