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It’s our job as artists to keep art alive by being accessible, by educating, by interacting with our community and sharing information. Studio M is about meeting the artists, seeing them in action, wandering around their studios, and experiencing that world apart where the artist pauses to envision and create. It’s a richer and more personal experience than your typical gallery visit.Come see us, we would love to share our work, get your feedback, create something for or with you.

Friday, September 23, 2011

An Artists Artist

Studio M has three full time artists who work here but every now and then we find an artist whose work we fall in love with. Please meet Adam Amram. We think as you look at Adam's work, you will agree that it is very fresh and can stand on it's own.  However, we want you to look at his work with one more caveat added. Adam is a senior at Chattahoochee High School in Alpharetta GA! His wonderful body of work that has filled our studio gallery is called    "Languor"                       


Here is what Adam has to say
1.Tell me about your work? Talk about the show and what you are trying to say.

     The concentration for my work is Emotional Exhaustion. I'm exploring the idea centering around a chronic state of physical and emotional depletion resulting from excessive and continuous stress. It describes a feeling of being emotionally overextended and exhausted by ones work, thoughts, and feelings. It is manifested by both physical and mental fatigue and a sense of feeling psychologically and emotionally drained. My paintings are gestural and figurative, exploring the  gestures that help portray a feeling of absolute languor and listlessness. I paint nude figures, leaving them vulnerable to the eye and thoughts of the viewer, with no distinct identities to stay clear away from specifics other than gender; my hopes are that this will able the viewer to relate without feeling like they are looking at a painting of someone else but rather themselves in a different perspective; relativity between my artwork and the viewer is extremely important to me.

2.What or who influences you and why create what you create.
      My influence as an artist are my thoughts and observations. The way and things I feel are how it is how I am able to create what I create. I am passionate about the human mind and figure; the idea that the body works cohesively with the way the mind is feeling. My curiosity to understand this is what fuels my passion to paint.

3. What are you working on now?

      I am currently working on a large 80"x60" diptych painting in the same concentration, this painting is about unity with the figures.

3. What do you see as your greatest challenge as an artist?

      My greatest challenge as an artist is being able to create work that the viewer can truly grasp and relate to. If I cannot capture my viewers attention and understanding to the subject of my paintings, what is it that I am giving? At first glance the viewer my not see any beauty in my work, but my hopes are, that as they sit and soak in the information I have painted, they will fall in love with figures in my work and the feelings they evoke. I believe in the idea that the greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart.

Adam's show is hanging in Studio M on Bennett from September 22- October 4th . The opening reception is October 1st from 6pm-9pm . Worth a see!

Until next time!

From: "Lisa Moore"

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